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Looking to take control of your ticket sales? With appyeventmaster, you can cut out the middleman and start selling tickets directly from your bespoke website. Say goodbye to third-party platforms and hello to streamlined ticketing solutions. Our user-friendly interface allows you to create events and sell tickets within minutes, reaching local audiences through social media channels, push notifications and automatic email campaigns. Don’t miss out on maximising your profit and simplifying the ticketing process. Get started now and become the master of your own events with appyeventmaster.

Top Feature List

All our useful event features in a single package to build a fully functional and affordable bespoke event website.

Event Ticket Creation

Smoothly sell your event tickets and distribute them amongst your attendees digitally. Accelerate your ticket sales and maximise your profit.

Event Dashboard Manager

Create and manage your events with appeventmaster’s dashboard management system. View tickets sold and message attendees direct from the event manager dasboard.

Event Alerts

Let your visitors decide if they want to track your events through alerts which they can easily manage with the help of a useful dashboard.

Contact Organiser

Let your users freely interact with the event organisers without any obstacles. No need to write code for forms or buttons or email notifications to send queries to the event organiser.

Export Events

Easily transfer the events that are already added to your website with the Export Event Plugin.

Bookmark Events

Let your visitors find their favourite events on your website with just a simple click with the Bookmark functionality.


Add the strength of a useful calendar to your events and let your attendees know about your present and future projects in a beautiful Calendar in the most attractive way.

Recurring Events

Save your precious time and easily handle similar events Recurring Events. No need to create each event individually as the future events are automatically generated.

Guest List

Classify your event attendees into various groups for better guest management in your events with the Guest List add-on

Smart Additions

Ready to elevate your website? With appyeventmaster’s website enhancements, you can stand out from the crowd and captivate your audience effortlessly. Our skilled professionals will collaborate with you to create a distinctive online presence that leaves a lasting impact. From sleek designs to cutting-edge features, showcase your brand in a memorable and remarkable manner. Don’t settle for the ordinary – become the master of events with appyeventmaster.

Email Marketing

Start your email campaigns and send email newsletters to our email subscribers. Our design team can create your branded email template to optimise your ticket sales.

Google Maps

Help your attendees find your event location without any obstacle in the most colorful and prominent way with the Google Maps intergration.

Check-In App

Bring the entire event management process to your mobile phones with a fast, easy-to-use Mobile App that offers a smooth event check-in facility through QR code scanning.